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Synergy ISG builds value for our customers by delivering high quality solutions at a fraction of typical cost of ownership. Our service and delivery approach is centered around the quality, skill set and expertise of our resources matched to the needs of each client. Our execution relies on multiple layers of redundancies built into every client engagement. In addition to the traditional Business Continuity and DR strategies that primarily concentrate on the infrastructure and hardware, Synergy ISG offers the Shadow Team as a value add service on every engagement at no additional cost. The Shadow Team members are tasked with developing expertise within their respective client engagements and are leveraged to accommodate project spikes, scope increases, reduction of timelines and unplanned turnover without any productivity loss. This allows Synergy ISG to implement a variety of complex value added solutions.

Synergy ISG Value Add
Synergy ISG has extensive knowledgebase and unique organizational structure that enables us not only to successfully deliver project services, but also produce additional value add that may not be included in our competitors services. These value adds are:
  • Shadow Team � is assigned to every project team at no additional cost to ensure the successful project delivery. Depending on the size and complexity of the engagement, the shadow team size can vary between 15% and 30% of the core team.
  • Standards and Documentation � are used for every engagement regardless of the size and complexity. Our deliverables always consist of uniform standardized code supported with a full package of project documentation.
  • Metrics and Reporting � are delivered throughout every engagement to ensure that our clients are continuously aware of our team�s performance, as well as the project status, risks, issues and resolutions.
  • Qualification and Compliance Governance � Synergy ISG maintains an Individual Training Plan (ITP) for every OSDC employee to ensure that our consultants systematically improve performance and build their professional expertise. Synergy ISG requires 100% ITP compliance for every consultant involved in client engagements. In addition, ITPs are regularly modified to meet the client-specific training requirements.
  • Standards and Methods Governance � Synergy ISG puts a lot of emphasis on the effective management practices, processes, procedures and methodologies as they are vital for success of any outsourced engagement. We build and utilize repeatable processes and methodologies that compliment the environments and needs of our clients.
  • Global Reach � Our SVO Engagement Model complemented with the mobility of our consultants enable Synergy ISG to deliver services and solutions around the globe.
  • Cost Management � Our unique organizational structure, discipline and strict control of our fixed and variable costs enable Synergy ISG to deliver high quality services at a fraction of our competitors' cost.
  • Communication and Availability � are essential for success of any engagement. Synergy ISG executive sponsors and account managers are always available to meet with our clients in person or communicate via phone or e-mail. Our OSDC team members are available via phone, e-mail, VOIP, video conference or instant messenger during the times most convenient for our clients. Also, the OSDC teams can be available at the client site if it is required for the successful project execution.