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Synergy ISG offers the software R&D services for the clients who are considering implementing new systems and software applications within their IT environment. In today�s fast-paced, ever-evolving world of information technology, software vendors keep introducing exciting technologies and new software systems practically every day. The marketing materials and promotional documentation seem to provide an overview of the new systems� capabilities that are geared to meet requirements of nearly every client. However, does this make the new software packages suitable for your business? Will they address your unique business requirements? Synergy ISG is prepared to answer these questions. Our experienced business analysts and systems engineers will provide an objective analysis and overview that will yield clear answers and outline all available options for the client.

Synergy ISG R&D experts enable organizations to find the right technology to meet their business needs, help them make educated IT product choices and empower them to maximize their information technology ROI. Synergy ISG R&D services include:

  • Product Evaluation
  • Alternative Solutions Research
  • Impact Analysis
  • User Interface Analysis
  • Application Architecture and Solution Prototyping
  • Risks Analysis and Explorations
  • Total Cost of Ownership Evaluation

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