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At Synergy ISG we believe that the real success of any technical solution is measured by its sustainability. This implies that the new solution is fully absorbed by the organization and becomes an integral part of its business processes and daily operations. In today�s dynamic business environment this can be difficult to achieve as user requirements change, business needs adjust to sustain the market pressures, and new systems are continuously introduced within the organizations� IT. The Synergy ISG Post-Implementation Support offering is designed to address all of these issues and deliver sustainable systems that truly benefit our customers.

Our Post-Implementation Support offering includes a full range of services required to maintain, support, update and enhance software applications according to the clients� operational requirements. This includes security management, user management, release management, defect resolution and implementation of change requests. With our Post-Implementation Support services Synergy ISG completely alleviates the systems maintenance and support responsibilities from our clients and transfers them to our experienced support engineers. The result is a synergetic partnership where our clients� focus on what they do best, and Synergy ISG provides a turnkey post-implementation solution.