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At Synergy ISG we recognize that performance problems occurring in the production software operations are extremely difficult to diagnose and expensive to resolve. Furthermore, performance problems can have a major negative impact on the business operations and become devastating to the business success. Avoiding these problems and ensuring that your systems meet the highest levels of performance requires sound design of all system components, industry standard development practices, effective project management, and thorough testing of the deliverables.

Synergy ISG has the skill set and experience required to deliver mission critical systems that are stable, scalable and deliver the highest levels of performance. Our performance engineering experts are prepared to help our customers:

  • Design and build new high performance systems
  • Find and resolve existing performance problems
  • Understand performance and usage characteristics
  • Test and validate performance of applications

Synergy ISG offers a comprehensive and flexible performance engineering approach can be applied anywhere in the software development lifecycle and can be tailored to meet your exact business needs.