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Our international team consists of nearly 250 consultants with extensive industry experience.

Our mobile workforce is ready to deploy solutions internationally.

Our Global Flexible Staffing model is designed to provide clients with a cost-effective availability of experienced subject matter experts in any part of the world. Whether you need an ERP consultant in Frankfurt, Germany; JAVA architect in Beijing, China; Oracle DBA in Sydney, Australia; EDI Specialist in New York, NY; or BI specialist in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Synergy ISG is fully prepared to provide our consultants for both long and short-term onsite engagements. With nearly 250 consultants working in our OSDCs, very flexible organization structure, and an extremely mobile workforce, Synergy ISG is well positioned to provide proven and experienced resources to companies world-wide to meet their overall organizational strategic initiative.

One of the main differentiating factors of the Synergy ISG Global Flexible Staffing offering is that we only deliver experienced consultants. The minimal requirements for the onsite placements at Synergy ISG are as follows:
  • Spend at least two years developing solutions at one of the OSDCs
  • Participate in at least four international engagements
  • Demonstrate expertise in a given subject matter
  • Fully complete the individual training plan and customer service training
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills in English

Until all five requirements are fully satisfied, Synergy ISG does not place consultants into any onsite engagements. We believe in building trusted relationships with our employees and inspiring them to deliver high quality service and solutions before delivering them to the client site.